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Prenatal Aqua Class


For you who want to stay fit during your pregnancy and also gain some more knowledge about pregnancy and childbirth so that both your body and mind are as well prepared as possible. 


Exercising in water offers many advantages to pregnant women. Here, the pregnant body can move more freely without putting pressure on your back or pelvis. The water gives mild resistance to the whole body, so all muscle categories are active. Also, just being in water reduces swelling of the legs. 


While in the water we exercise for an hour, focusing on the circulation, strength, stretching and relaxation. 


The instructor offers the exercises at various levels, so this class is both for you whose pregnancy is without any particular difficulties and for you who need more gentle exercise due to particular challenges which need to be taken into account. 


The theoretical part takes place on dry land with half an hour’s instruction and discussion of for instance how to reduce discomfort due to pregnancy, pelvis and joints, resting and birthing positions, breathing techniques (including the deep breath), focus on the birth, the days after the birth (including breastfeeding). 


Prenatal Aqua Class is a wonderful form of safe exercise during pregnancy.



Remember bathrobe or extra towel so you don’t get cold.

You will receive your entrance ticket to DGI-Byen on the first day of class.


Start after the 12th week of pregnancy at the earliest.


  • Nummer 81729 - Prenatal Aqua Class
  • Start 16.11.17 kl. 13:10-14:40
  • Underviser(e) Marianne Mogensen
  • Adresse DGI-byen, Tietgensgade 65, 1704 (kort)
    Bassin 2, "Indsøen",
  • Lektioner 16,00
  • Priser
    Almen   DKK 996,00
    Ledig-KBH   DKK 900,00
    Ledig-FRB   DKK 884,00
    Studerende-KBH   DKK 900,00
    Studerende-FRB   DKK 884,00
Dato Tid Sted Underviser(e) Kort
16.11.2017 13:10-14:40 DGI-byen Marianne Mogensen Kort
23.11.2017 13:10-14:40 DGI-byen Marianne Mogensen Kort
30.11.2017 13:10-14:40 DGI-byen Marianne Mogensen Kort
07.12.2017 13:10-14:40 DGI-byen Marianne Mogensen Kort
14.12.2017 13:10-14:40 DGI-byen Marianne Mogensen Kort
04.01.2018 13:10-14:40 DGI-byen Marianne Mogensen Kort
11.01.2018 13:10-14:40 DGI-byen Marianne Mogensen Kort
18.01.2018 13:10-14:40 DGI-byen Marianne Mogensen Kort


Marianne Mogensen


Født 1972

Instruktør: Marianne Mogensen er aut. fysioterapeut, danser og perkussionist.

Udover motions- og motorikhold underviser hun også i ergonomi,
forflytningsteknik, (tvilling)fødselsforberedelse, orientalsk dans og rytmer.

Marianne er medforfatter til lærebogen Ergonomi – Krop og belastning
samt til kapitlet Mavedans før, under og efter fødslen i bogen Mosaik – Mavedans og Passion.
Hun har udgivet DVD’en Mavedans for Gravide.

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