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Baby swimming 5-7 months


Fun and educational baby swimming class taught in English.
Join this baby swimming class and get plenty of inspiration for splashing fun and games which enhances your baby's development.
Water stimulates children’s senses and motor skills and baby swimming is excellent for making the child feel safe in the water. We start out gently, and gradually we splash and jump, float and dive. We focus on learning through play and do exercises to suit the babies so everyone can experience the joy, strength and good feeling you get from moving around in the water. We will also sing a few songs during the class and it is great fun for both the babies and their parents.
We are in the water for 30 minutes and mum / dad will get all the support and instructions needed when learning how to handle your baby in the water. The parent doesn’t need to be a swimmer to join.

All babies need to wear a disposable swim nappy (such as “Little Swimmers”) underneath and an approved neoprene nappy (such as “Happy Nappy”) over the top as this double nappy system has proven to be the safest way to avoid leaks in the pool. You can buy both in DGI-byen.
The entrance fee for DGI-Byen is INCLUDED in the price for this class. You need to pick up your entrance card in DGI-Byens ticket office on the day your class starts so please allow time for that. To get the entrance card just inform about your name plus the starting time and the number of the class (“holdnummer”).
It is possible to change diapers in both the women’s and the men’s dressing rooms and there is a microwave oven available for use both places.
The class takes place in the pool named “Indsøen” with a water temperature of approximately 32 degrees Celsius.

  • Nummer 83238 - Baby swimming 5-7 months
  • Start 05.04.18 kl. 12:00-12:30
  • Underviser(e) Marianne Mogensen
  • Adresse DGI-byen, Tietgensgade 65, 1704 (kort)
    Bassin 2, "Indsøen",
  • Lektioner 8,00
  • Priser
    Almen   DKK 880,00
    Ledig-KBH   DKK 832,00
    Ledig-FRB   DKK 824,00
    Studerende-KBH   DKK 832,00
    Studerende-FRB   DKK 824,00
Dato Tid Sted Underviser(e) Kort
05.04.2018 12:00-12:30 DGI-byen Marianne Mogensen Kort
12.04.2018 12:00-12:30 DGI-byen Marianne Mogensen Kort
19.04.2018 12:00-12:30 DGI-byen Marianne Mogensen Kort
26.04.2018 12:00-12:30 DGI-byen Marianne Mogensen Kort
03.05.2018 12:00-12:30 DGI-byen Marianne Mogensen Kort
17.05.2018 12:00-12:30 DGI-byen Marianne Mogensen Kort
24.05.2018 12:00-12:30 DGI-byen Marianne Mogensen Kort
31.05.2018 12:00-12:30 DGI-byen Marianne Mogensen Kort


Marianne Mogensen
Underviser Fysioterapeut


Født 1972

Instruktør: Marianne Mogensen er aut. fysioterapeut, danser og perkussionist.

Udover motions- og motorikhold underviser hun også i ergonomi,
forflytningsteknik, (tvilling)fødselsforberedelse, orientalsk dans og rytmer.

Marianne er medforfatter til lærebogen Ergonomi – Krop og belastning
samt til kapitlet Mavedans før, under og efter fødslen i bogen Mosaik – Mavedans og Passion.
Hun har udgivet DVD’en Mavedans for Gravide.

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